Ray’s Hotrods

Well, it has been another crazy week at “Tyree Studio”.  My daughter is a month old already!  How did that happen?  We are still trying to grab sleep when we can around here, but things are getting better.  “Baby-Sister” seems to really be growing attached to mommy and every once in a while she will cuddle with her dad.  Big brother is always wanting to help and is very protective of her.

I have been busy with clients as well.  Cranked out another caricature this week for a nice lady here in Wichita.  Her husband has 3 hot-rods that he is pretty fond of.  I could only figure out a way to fit 2 in the caricature (space restrictions), but my client was happy and she passed on my business cards to her friends and family.  That’s all you can ask for!  If you or someone you know would like a custom caricature, logo, mural, website or other creative project please let me know.  I would like to have my own hot rod to bust knuckles on again someday…


I have also been busy searching for another job.  I had a really nice meeting today with http://www.360wichita.com/ that seems promising!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

God Bless,



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