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Had to dig this outta the archives in honor of Broncos vs Chiefs week.

Had to dig deep in the Tyree Studio archives to find this one.

Thought it was appropriate for Chiefs vs. Broncos tomorrow. Most years being married to the rival team’s fan is not a big deal (either one or both teams stink)…this year it’s been a little more entertaining.

Go Broncos!


Rival Marriage?

Rival Marriage?


Sneak preview

As most of you that read this blog know, I have a gallery show opening next month at the KU School of Medicine.  Needless to say I’m starting to stress-out a little, because I’m no-where close to being ready for it.  It will be a mixture of paintings and digital illustrations.  Here’s a sneak peak of one of the pieces I’m working on that may end up in the show:


My sister-in-law is a Tebow-Stalker (…okay, okay, maybe I am too) and she wanted me to draw Timothy “topless”.  Amee you have issues! 

God Bless,


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